My Blog Work

Samples of blogs written for various industries.


Why have blogs?

Blogs are the workhorse of content development. A well-written blog, artfully written to wrap SEO-aware keywords wrapped in a compelling, brand-supporting story, can effect a change in organic search engine traffic.

My experience as a feature writer and reporter for newspapers (you know, the printed on paper kind) informs my blogging. When blogging, it’s important to craft a good story and hang it on a framework of well-researched facts.

Here’s a long blog on blogging I wrote for Citizens High School, an international education provider based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Blogs can be informative, demonstrative or even biographical. Best of all, they are cost-effective. You don’t have to pay to print and distribute them. They are accessible 24/7/365. Blogs offer a great way to reach your market in a way that falls somewhere between an advertisement and a public relations tool. If you use them properly, you can raise brand awareness, get leads, and direct visitors to your website.

Education – The following are blogs written for an online high school program:


Healthcare Content Blog – For a healthcare client–sunburn and skin protection

Tactical Tech Talk – The company associated with this blog was a leader in high-tech tactical equipment for SWAT teams and bomb squads. The purpose of the blog was to drive prospects to the company website by showing that the company was deeply involved in the theory of the industry.

Jessi’s Ride Daily Blog – a solo rider on a tandem bike set off on a cycling trip to each of the 48 contiguous states and their capitals. Daily info about each leg was sent to me to be turned into a blog post the next morning. Here are a couple of weeks of that journey.

No Mistake in Identity – This is my own blog about logos and identity. I update when I have spare time (which doesn’t seem to happen that often). It’s been called “insightful,” which was a nice compliment–and possibly accurate. I’ve been in the identity and branding business for a long, long time, so I’ve gathered up a pretty good understanding of the rubber-meets-the-road part of the business.

Custom Jewelry Dealer Blog – This is a blog for a jeweler who handcrafts women’s jewelry of fine gems and metals. This blog describes how summer activities can damage jewelry and gives tips on how to care for the jewelry after exposure.

Ballistic Lacrosse Blog – Ballistic Lacrosse is a teaching and training organization that fields travel and recreation teams in Florida. The blog is a useful way to point out trends in the sport and discuss issues in youth recreation (like parents behavior, playing time, etc).

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