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My primary areas of content marketing expertise are B2B/B2C product marketing, branding, amateur sports/coaching, and law enforcement topics and technology. Within those areas, I offer content writing, blogs, ads and brochures, scripts for videos, and long-form pieces like white papers and case studies. I also consult on brand development and re-branding strategies. 



What is Content Writing?


Ads and print

Consise, powerful copy and headlines are absolutely required for effective advertisements and print work. 

Blogs...with SEO focus

Blogs that inform, compel, and inspire…all while being SEO supportive and friendly.


Brand definition and strategy

From defining your brand to positioning it in the marketplace.

Content Strategy

The words on your website have to not only resonate with your target market, but also work to provide organic SEO traction.


Video, radio, commercial, and presentation scripts require the words to SOUND right not just read right. I write with the spoken word, pace, accent, and inflection in mind. 

Case Studies and White Papers

Effective long-form pieces have their own pace and structure. I write killer case studies and winning white papers!

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About Me

A Content Marketing Writer

In a nutshell, I am a marketing writer with more than two decades of experience. And I am a coach. I coach business people and writers. I also coach high school and travel lacrosse.  I live and work in the part of Florida known for oranges and cattle instead of beaches and The Mouse. [more]