Public/Media relations

Earned media is critical to brand-building and promotions.

Press Releases

Great press releases, coupled with a little media relations, results in earned media. As a marketer or business owner, THAT is what you want! During and after college, I worked as a newspaper reporter and, later, as a columnist, I know firsthand the value of a well-written press release. There is nothing better to a newsperson than receiving all the info needed to write a killer story.

Brief bragging opportunity: from 2019 through 2021, I placed 28 client stories in national and regional publications using a combination of press releases and direct media contact. That’s a HUGE impact! 

Here are some examples (with media outcomes when available).

​✔ High-Tech Company’s New Offices yielded a full-page feature article on the company and its products!

​✔ Release on High-Tech Company’s sale to New Jersey State Police yielded a full-page feature article in a major metro paper on the company and its products!

​✔ Press releases do not have to be dry, boring information. Take a look at this release that not only tells about the subject but paints a vibrant picture of the flesh-and-blood person behind the story. 

​✔ Client brokers merger of two companies yielded industry online news pickups here and here, and here, and an industry newsletter here

​✔ This release, part of a campaign for Jesse’s Ride, a national charity bike event, where a husband rode a tandem bike cross-country in honor of his late wife and riding partner, brought lots of awesome national and local television, online, and print media coverage. Here it is in Cosmopolitan Magazine, which linked to the Ride’s YouTube promo, and here is a regional news site. There were more than 40 pickups of the story.

A successful press pitch yielded this regional print and online article.

HARO Pitches

I am have been a huge fan of HARO (Help A Reporter Out) from back when it started. Over the past few years, I have placed more than 30 stories on behalf of clients and myself on major national, international, and industry-specific print and digital media outlets. It’s excellent earned media representation.

Ask me about how I can help you use HARO for your business.